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Rated 4,6 out of 5
4,6 out of 5 stars (based on 541 reviews)
Very good4%

My name is Brook and i came for a Gastric sleeve on the 7th…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I came for a Gastric sleeve on the 7th of July. My experience has been amazing all the nurses and the surgeon who performs my gastric sleeve was very professional. The after care has been good everytime I was in pain the always provided pain killers aswell as anti sickness. So far very happy. I will post with update of weight in 4 weeks but definitely recommend Hermes clinic all the staff are lovley and go that extra mile for you. Thank you for everything.



Rated 1,0 out of 5

Aftercare is so awful or should I say lack of aftercare. hermes is a awful company to use stay well away hospital used fultly equipment resulting in me needing another surgery but hermes DONT care. Also add extra cost and are awful at responding to sort problems out.

P.S Hermes loves to delete bad feedback so will be reporting this everyday!

Danny scott m

First class highly recommend

Rated 5,0 out of 5

From the moment I got there too the moment i left the doctors and nurses(some very pretty ones) were absolutely fantastic they were always around to help when needed they were very pleasant and kind and happy to chat I could not fault them at all even the language barrier wasn’t too bad they all spoke some English and if they needed to say something they would google translate soo they didn’t get it wrong. Would highly recommend and would visit there again myself alot slimmer. Thank you to all at Baypark hospital x

Michael Carter

My experience was the best and beyond…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

My experience was the best and beyond expectations. From the hospital, the international translators, nurses and my Dr and Nida, it made my stay feel comfortable. The operation went well and the blood checks are high level and of good quality. The nurses who attended to me were patient, friendly and warm. Everything is state of the art honestly.

Nolwazi Mgibe

Will definitely recommend Hermes…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Will definitely recommend Hermes Clinics to anyone who is interested in gastric sleeve surgery. From the start Gozde was there to answer all my questions and arrange everything for my surgery date. Nida was so amazing during my hospital stay. She always brightened up the day with her energy and made the time in the hospital much more pleasant. The after care service is also on point with Meltem helping me all the way to recovery. She is always there to answer my questions and giving me guidance with my process. She really is a star.

Gilbert Van Rensburg


Rated 1,0 out of 5

I ignored all the negative reviews about Hermes Clinics, mistakenly believing they were merely competitors trying to undermine this clinic. This was my huge mistake, it turns out most of the positive reviews are fake or self-posted by the clinic.

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand that this company has nothing to do with genuine health services because they act merely as agents, not health professionals. My experience started with Mr. Bulent Erdican, who refers to himself as Bubu. He was pleasant and helpful at first, but everything changed once he received my money.

As I told you, their initial kindness, especially from Bubu, vanished after payment. They even encouraged paying in cash, and once they had it, they became liars, scammers, and were incredibly rude and arrogant. Moreover, I was not provided with clear terms and conditions during the booking or payment process, other than some promises. The communication was appalling and their attitude worsened as the process continued.

During the booking process, I was contacted via WhatsApp by various operatives due to their frequent dismissals. I started with Emre Altay, then moved to Burak Erdogdu, followed by Omer, then Merhaba, Hassan, and finally Seyma. This constant change added to the already poor communication and lack of professionalism.

The most significant issue was the complete lack of aftercare and follow-up. When I expressed dissatisfaction with the results of my surgery, they were completely indifferent. Despite multiple attempts, I have been unable to communicate properly with them or reach management regarding the partial failure of my surgery. Additionally, the surgeon did not speak English, requiring a translator, which further complicated matters.

Furthermore, they did not provide any documentation or evidence of the surgery performed. This lack of records means if you need to consult another surgeon for repair purposes, you will have nothing to show them.

To conclude, my experience with Hermes Clinics was a nightmare. Their dishonest practices and lack of professionalism are alarming. I strongly advise against using their services and encourage you to heed the negative reviews. Save yourself from a similar ordeal.

Cristian Matei

Going with Hermes for a sleeve is teh best decision i ever maid!!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I used Hermes in January 2024 All the Staff is great. Amazing Clinic,Amazing surgeon and Nurses.

Excellent experience. Thanks Hermes xx I have recommended some friendsand my sister .

Thak you all for the good service.

Doctors and avery one was so helpful.

Had my sleve done on the 29th of january and to date have lost 38kg i am so proud of myself and want to thank Hermes and my Doctors for helping me achieve my dreams..

All i can say is if you ate thinking of a sleve…go for it its the best decision i have ever maid yes is hard betso worth it!!

Rochelle Britz

Very helpful advice given after weight…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Very helpful advice given after weight stalls.

Leona Bagley


Rated 1,0 out of 5

Well after having my gastric sleeve with Hermes Clinics, 3 years ago, and having a perfect experience, I decided to use them again, for an arm lift, and a full mouth of ziraconia crowns, I had chosen the surgeon I wanted as well, and investigated him thoroughly, and also that I would get temporary teeth, whilst mine were being prepared.

On arrival day I went for consult for arm lift with surgeon, the door opened and stood a totally different surgeon, apparently my chosen surgeon had left 6 months ago, I was shocked, but decided to go ahead with the surgery, that should of been next day, but he told me that was not possible had to be day after, also to change my flight as was to early to go home,

Next day went for first dental, the man dentist had to shave my teeth, he kept adding injections until he numbed my mouth so much I was unable to move my tongue to swallow, I kept telling him no more needed, before he done this I asked about temp teeth, he said that is extra money.

Next day had my surgery, was in theatre until 8pm, in a room at very end of ward, was put in door shut sides of bed up, and nurse call button no where near I could reach it, Dr came at 10am said I would be discharged at 12 lunchtime as all was well, then advised I was going to dental at 1pm, even though I was still full of anesthetic, could not keep my eyes open, hospital manager came at 12 and basically evicted me from room, took me to dental, had a lady this time, who was trying my teeth for adjustments, I was tipped back in chair, half asleep and they kept falling ING to back if my throat, I told her, and she told me to keep quite and open my mouth, then put more impressions in, I told her she was cutting my skin again told me to shut up, by this time felt really tired and rough, had a drain hanging from each arm as well, then found out my coordinator not working in hospital that day and no transfer back to hotel been made, hospital manager arranged this, got to hotel and my room had expired so had to sorted out again, had drains out yesterday and teeth put in, im supoosed to still be there until Tuesday but got flight last night, so they not aware i have gone, just had to get home, could not take anymore, i would advise anyone go elsewhere


Just wanted to say

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Just wanted to say, my experience in having a gastric sleeve has been very good from start to finish. My coordinator has been a fantastic support, Which has been a great help, because you are going into the unknown. The doctors, nurses, surgeon, have all been very kind and caring and supportive, also after my gastric sleeve.Thank you for keeping me safe, and I am know in a gorgeous hotel, curtesy of them, relaxing before my flight home.

Jacqueline goyvaerts

Best clinic ever

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Best clinic ever, love it !


Very good service from start to finish…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Very good service from start to finish i would highly recommend using them to anyone

Christopher Thompson

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