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Rated 3,8 out of 5

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Kaikki Atraxia -arvostelut

Rated 3,8 out of 5
3,8 out of 5 stars (based on 32 reviews)
Very good0%

I have done my transplant there on…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I have done my transplant there on June 11 ,I am satisfied.Mr Dawood helped me through out the process.the important thing is, he was honest whatever he explained to me. Recommend to everyone

Frank D

Hair And Beard Transplant

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I Recently Had A Hair And Beard Transplant From Atraxia Clinic And Couldn’t Ask For Anything Better.

From The Moment I Was Contacted By The Clinic Till The Very End Has Been Nothing But Professional.

10 Outta 10 Thanks Dave And The Team !

Zac Haubus

I have good experienced when i went to…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I have good experienced when i went to the clinic to make beard transplant. The service was good and affordable for the price

Affan Badrol Hisham

Very friendly and professional staff

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Very friendly and professional staff

I am very satisfied with all the services they provided

Sima Alkilani

Great job ,thanks for all the team work…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Great job ,thanks for all the team work .it was a good experience i like it thank you soo much

Boudabous walid

I had an excellent experience with the…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I had an excellent experience with the Atraxia Clinic team.

I really loved the service and the clarity of all the recommendations made before proceeding with the treatment.

I congratulate them for their professionalism and dedication to ensuring a better customer experience.

I had Botox and a skin booster, and the results have lasted well over time.

See you soon for a new experience

And bravo to the all team.



Rated 1,0 out of 5

Atraxia: The Nightmare Clinic

I’m an American and I can tell you i had high hopes for this trip.

Services: Horrible transplant that is uneven and bad coverage. Not what I wanted at all. Told me once I was there that they couldn’t do a difference service I asked for. Horrible planning and communication. Seemed like the staff were in a rush to leave for the day and didn’t give me the service quality and coverage I paid for. It’s so poorly done, it’s not even funny. 6 people in a small room basically bullied me what they wanted to give me without knowing the amount of grafts that could be taken. Awful job.

Gastric sleeve: Left in agony without post op pain meds for almost 24 hours. Worst pain ever.

Customer service: Male sales rep charged me upfront for transplant services and thus tried to overcharge me for work that was not completed (bad quality for what was done).

2 sale reps (photos attached) were disrespectful to me and would stare while talking about you in Turkish language.

Unfriendly staff. Nurse in hospital threw a plastic vomit container at my head while in post-operative surgery for second procedure. She also refused to give me pain killers when I was in agony in post-op. Her response “there will be pain”. Just mean and nasty, didn’t even say hi to me.

The younger nurses and order lies were nice though. The Dietician was kind and knowledgeable.

Female translator did not attend to my complaints and only cared about “Say good things about me in your review”.

Local driver was rude and interrupted me when I spoke to people.

One of the sales reps (pictured) bust into my hospital room without making sure I was clothes, turned on all the lights and opened window to say it’s time to go. Very rude and inconsiderate.

The medical coordinator: didn’t communicate with me about what services could be offered. Did not tell me times of when things would take place. Promised me I would not have to pay taxes and fees for services but that was a lie.

Amenities: First hotel room had a broken AC.

My assessment: this clinic is low class and doesn’t know the right hand from the left hand. Worst trip of my life. Unorganized business, unfriendly staff, lies, and cruelty. They will spring things on you last minute and confuse you on purpose. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone. For American travelers, go to London or Mexico etc. They actually care about people outside of their culture. Forced to do a “positive” review video with the doctor after and was fed the words to say. Imagine if I refused and was considered an aggressive black man in Turkey.

Horrible experience!

0 Stars

Shawn Robinson

My experience at Ataxia was good

Rated 5,0 out of 5

My experience at Ataxia was good. Maya maintained good communication always, and post-surgery, she has been taking good care of me, and has solved all my doubts.

As of now, I’m two and a half weeks from my surgery, and I can’t wait to see how my progress goes. Keep tuned!

Aldo Ruíz-Esparza

The best clinic in Istanbul where you…

Rated 5,0 out of 5

The best clinic in Istanbul where you can find both experience and beauty together, they do care about patients care and satisfaction, I would recommend it to everyone, from New Zealand

Khamis Lulu

Great service

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Great service


I am happy with the service.

Rated 5,0 out of 5

I am happy with the service.

Until to see you again atraxia team.

Thank you

ashraf yazbeck

Excellent servie

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Excellent servie

Recommended this clinic idid my teeth last year i make 5 implent after three months i come again and make crown

safaa kattie

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